WUSD Board Approves Operational Referendum Renewal on November 8 Ballot

WHITEWATER, WI — On Monday, July 25, the Whitewater Unified School District School Board approved an operational referendum question that will appear on the ballot Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

If approved, the referendum would renew a similar measure voters passed in 2018. That non-recurring operational referendum, which has now expired, has allowed WUSD to exceed its state-imposed revenue limit to fund critical programs and services for students.

With the November referendum, the district and board are not asking the community for additional funding, despite rising costs over the past several years. As a result, taxpayers will likely realize a reduction on their property tax bills. 

“The 2018 voter-approved referendum has been critical to ensuring we can continue to provide programs and opportunities that allow our students to thrive and prepare them for the future. Now, we are returning to our community to ask them to renew these important funds,” said Thayer Coburn, Board President. “By placing this measure on the ballot, we are proposing a solution that allows us to maintain the programs and services available to our students now and in the years to come.”

In Wisconsin, the amount of money a school district receives is restricted by a revenue limit. Every district has its own revenue limit, which is impacted by the state budget every two years and is highly dependent on annual enrollment changes. WUSD’s revenue limit dictates the majority of its operational budget. 

In recent years, state budgets have not increased revenue limits to keep up with inflation. Expenses for things like state- and federally mandated services, transportation, utilities, and insurance also continue to increase, as do other costs that are out of the district’s control. 

If approved by voters, the November referendum would provide WUSD with extended revenue limit authority to maintain academic and athletic opportunities, student support and mental health services, comprehensive instructional and co-curricular programs, and technology and facilities infrastructure.

The funds would simply go toward maintaining these programs and services. The district does not have plans to expand offerings to students.

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