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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 13, 2023

WHS Pom Team Performs Inaugural Routine on Home Court December 2

WHITEWATER, WI — The Whitewater High School Pom Team hit the court at halftime of a basketball game December 2, just two months after the creation of the team.

Back in October, a few interested students approached WUSD Athletic Director Justin Crandall with questions about what it would take to start a pom team at WHS. Crandall sensed the enthusiasm and spirit in the group, telling them that it would be possible—as long as they had a coach.

Pam O’Neal, a parent of one of the team’s student-athletes, stepped up to the challenge and got the team started on the logistics of beginning the season on a tight timeline. Tasks such as forming the team, acquiring uniforms and poms, and creating and teaching the routines needed to be tackled right away.

“The way this team came together and organized their first performance in just two months is an example of what makes the Whitewater Unified School District such a special place,” said Dr. Caroline Pate-Hefty, Superintendent. “We are so proud of these students, Coach O’Neal, and everyone who has made it happen. The team’s first performance was outstanding, and we look forward to them performing at many more events throughout the school year.”

The team already has 20 athletes and has raised over $4,000 in just a few weeks to purchase uniforms and poms. Looking ahead, the team aims to build on its foundation, expanding its repertoire of routines, and continuing to inspire and entertain. 

The team's journey serves as a testament to the transformative power and spirit of a dedicated group of students ready to make their mark on the high school experience.

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