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MeeperBots and 3D Printing

Thank you to Jim Brandon, inventor and co-founder of Meeper Technology, Inc., for coming to Whitewater Middle School and sharing so much of his time and knowledge with us. MeeperBots & 3D printing was a lot of fun with some great learning! We finally understood how 3D printing works! MeeperBot 2.0 is expected to be released in just a couple of weeks. We can't wait to see the newest version at!
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WHS Scholarship Night

Scholarship Night for the Class of 2015 will take place on Wednesday, May 27 at 6:30 p.m. in the Whitewater High School Auditorium for 52 of our graduating seniors. $141,375 will be awarded from the community of Whitewater and $772,570 from state, national and college/university sources. Please join us as we celebrate student achievement at WHS!
Ag Class Creates a Buzz

Whitewater bee specialist Peter Underwood educates high school students in Mr. Majors' environmental conservation class about raising bees. Recently it was reported that over 60% of the honey bees were lost in Wisconsin last year so projects like this are great attempts to keep pollinators alive. This is a brand new adventure for the students and the interest is buzzing. Students learned how to put the queen and the new package of bees into a hive and then later some students installed bees in the other hive. Students also learned about demographics of a bee hive and look forward to the colonies developing. The high school agriculture department used funds they received from a grant to purchase two hives and all the supplies. Thank you to the Kachel family for letting students use their field, Peter Underwood for his mentoring and Mr. Walton for supplying ground materials. Click here to see more pictures in our district gallery!
Police Appreciation Week

Students at Washington Elementary school celebrated Police Appreciation Week by having lunch and playground fun with several members of the Whitewater Police! Click here to see more pictures from our district gallery!