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Peer Mentors 2014-15

WHS Peer Mentors work with Kindergarten-8th grade students to build on academic and social skills. Peer Mentors are selected to participate in the program during their junior and senior years and are nominated by teachers and staff for being positive role models.

Middle School Students Got to Build Their Own Computer!

Thank you to the Whitewater Makerspace group and the UW-W for the recent opportunity they provided to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Middle School students. This local non-profit group of community volunteers recently hosted after-school computer technology classes at the STEM Room in Whitewater Middle School giving students a hands on opportunity to each build their own usable computer with old donated computers and parts. Not only did participating students learn valuable hands-on skills but when they completed refurbishing their donated computer it was theirs to take home free of charge, if they so desired. The Middle School School students greatly appreciated this opportunity! 

Brienne Brown, executive director of Whitewater Makerspace, and David Buggs President of Whitewater Makerspace and consultant for the UW-W Innovation Center's Blackthorne Project were the lead organizers of this collaborative opportunity along with Joanne Kyle, Gifted and Talented Program at the Middle School. Special thanks also go to the UW-W students Eric Schiferl, Kevin Clark Joshua Pohlman, Ryan Stewart, and Luke Pagel for teaching the classes.

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National Geographic Geography Bee

Whitewater Middle School hosted a school-wide National Geographic Geography Bee on Wednesday, December 10. Special congratulations to 8th grade champion and grand champion over all, Zach Brantmeier, son of Scott and Becky Brantmeier, Whitewater. Betsy Hixson, daughter of Kim and Michelle Hixson, Whitewater earned second place and is also an 8th grader. 7th grade champion and 3rd place over all went to Aidan Coburn, son of Joe and Jessica Coburn, Whitewater. Additional congratulations go to Ella Houwers, daughter of John and Amy Houwers, Whitewater as she was the top student for the 6th grade.

Zach will now complete a qualifying test to go on and compete at the state level National Geographic Bee where he has a chance to win a $25,000 college scholarship.

Congratulations to Zach, Betsy, Aidan, and Ella! Good luck to Zach as he advances to the next level of competition.
Exploration Exhibit

On November 18th, 22 students ffrom LINCS, Washington and Lakeview shared their curiosity and how they learned more at the Exploration Exhibition. Students explored topics that they were curious about by experimenting, interviewing elders/experts, building things and learning new skills.Click here to see more pictures from our district gallery!