Meet the Team!
The district is serviced by four full-time technology staff members.  The department is headed by the Technology Coordinator.  Assisting in maintaining the hardware and infrastructure of the district is a System Administrator and System Technician.  Providing ongoing professional development related to technology is our Technology Integrator.  The district also has seven technology savants at the district level that provide technical support and training on a building level, in addition to their regularly assigned full-time duties as a paraprofessional or teacher.
Technology Coordinator
Andrew Rowland


I earned my Bachelors of Science in Information Technology with an emphasis on Business Systems from the University of Phoenix in December of 2012. I started working in the district in 2008 as an intern fresh out of high school was hired on full-time as the district's System Technician in October of 2012.  In 2014, the district hired an additional technician and I was moved into the reclassified System Administrator position.  In  2017, the Technology Coordinator retired and I was selected to replace him.

I was raised in Whitewater and attended three of the districts excellent schools: Washington Elementary School (Pride of the East Side!), Whitewater Middle School, and Whitewater High School.  I am impressed in all that the schools have to offer.  I took all the computer courses offered throughout high school, as well as participating in the Youth Options, attending three different computer science courses at UW-W through my senior year.

In addition to working for the district, I am a volunteer on the Whitewater Rescue Squad as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician.  In my spare time, I enjoy doing puzzles, board games and building complex Lego structures.

Technology Integrator
John Houwers


I taught math at WHS from the fall of 1998 until the spring of 2016, when I moved to the tech team on a full-time basis. While at the high school, I wore a number of different hats at different times. I continue to wear one as the head track and field coach. Other hats I've worn include building coordinator, girls basketball coach at 7th grade, Freshmen and JV levels. I've coached 7th-grade boys basketball and assisted with cross country as well. I was the W-Club advisor for a few years as well.

As technology Integrator, my role is to help teachers leverage technology to help students succeed, whether the technology augments a lesson, significantly modifies it, or completely redefines it. I try to use technology as a way to help engage the students, enhance the lesson, and extend the classroom.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, who is a special education teacher at the high school, and my two daughters who both attend school in WUSD. I enjoy woodworking, travel, and live music. I also enjoy "hunting", although I do not use a gun or bow either. Instead, I am throwing big baits in the water for hours on end hoping to catch the fish of 10,000 casts.


System Administrator
Justin Sdano

I started in the Whitewater Unified School District in July of 2015.  I worked for the Middleton Cross-Plains area School district during the 2014-2015 school year.  I have a Bachelor's degree from UW-Whitewater in Management in Computer Systems with a Minor in Website Development and Administration. While going through college, I worked at the Whitewater Unified School District as a Technology Intern. In my free time, I enjoy competing in powerlifting, playing guitar, hiking, and watching Netflix. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

System Technician
Sean McKenzie