The Whitewater Unified School District assesses student learning in a variety of ways for multiple reasons.  From mandatory, standardized state assessments to classroom-based, formative measures, student performance is reviewed, analyzed, and interpreted for meaning to improve classroom practice.  

District Assessment Dates for the 2021-22 School Year: 

MAP Testing
Grade 1-8
Fall Test: Sept 8- Oct 29
Winter Test: Jan 3 - Feb 25

PALS Testing
4K-1st grades
Fall test 1st grade: Sept 21 - Oct 1
Fall test 4K and Kdg: Oct 4 - Oct 15
Midyear 4K, Kdg and 1st grade (optional): Jan 3 - 14
Spring test 4K, Kdg and 1st grade: April 25 - May 6

Wisconsin FORWARD Exam
Third Grade thru Eight Grade and 10th Grade
March 22 - May 14

District English Language Learners
Feb 22 - May 21

ACT+ Writing
District 11th graders
March 8

District 9th and 10th graders
April 5