Whitewater Unified School District
Facilities Planning - Key Project Drivers
Mission Statement
The Whitewater Unified School District (WUSD), in collaboration with families
and community, inspires students to achieve excellence in an
innovative educational environment

School Board Facilities Planning | Key Project Drivers *
SAFETY & SECURITY Address safety and security needs at all schools and sites; focus on appropriate traffic circulation around schools
ADA COMPLIANCE Provide upgrades to support Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliance and accessibility
CAPITAL MAINTENANCE Support a long-term maintenance plan and best use of District facilities
IMPACT ON LEARNING SPACES Align to the educational mission of WUSD; impact learning spaces and provide equity for broad educational experiences that support student achievement; focus on upgrades to LINCS
RESPONSIBLE STEWARDSHIP OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS Focus on needs and practical use of existing resources or investment of new resources; provide cost-effective solutions that support a long-range facilities plan
COMMUNITY SUPPORT Be understood and supported through transparent, collaborative engagement with District-wide stakeholders; based on broad community feedback and data


      * Project drivers are not ranked in priority order