Severe Food Allergies at School
food allergies
For students with life-threatening allergies, the Whitewater Unified School District will take all appropriate and reasonable steps to minimize exposure and provide a safe, positive educational environment. Below you will find the following:
  • Procedure for Managing Life-Threatening Allergies- This is the procedure that is followed at WUSD to minimize the risk of exposure to students who have life-threatening food allergies
  • Food Allergy Action Plan- This form is completed and signed by the student's health care provider and parents.  This is the plan of care school staff will follow in the event of an allergic reaction.
  • Peanut Aware School Newsletter-  This information is shared with parents at all elementary schools.
  • Food Allergy Classroom Notification- This notification is sent home to the parents in the specific classroom where a child has a severe food allergy.  The example letter posted is for a severe peanut allergy.
  • Peanut Free/Nut Free Snack List-  List of peanut free/nut free classroom snacks. Please read labels carefully.
  • WUSD Staff Training Program- This program is used to train staff member in recognizing the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and the use of epinephrine. This program has been approved for use by DPI.
Please contact Erin Spear RN or Kade Bevars, RN, District Nurses, if you have any questions regarding severe food allergies at school.