400 Students
411.1 Anti-Bullying Policy

420 School Admissions

420-Rule: Admissions and Graduation Procedures for Transfer Students Entering Whitewater High School

421 Entrance Age

421-Rule: Admission Procedures

422 Admission of Nonresident Students (Other Than Open Enrollment Students)

423 Full-Time Open Enrollment Students

423-Rule Full-Time Open Enrollment Procedures

424 Participation of Non-Public School Students in District Courses and Activities

425 Part-Time Open Enrollment Students

425-Rule, Part Time Open Enrollment Procedures

431 Compulsory Student Attendance

431-Rule: Student Attendance Procedures

432 School Attendance Areas

433 Assignment of Resident Elementary Students to Schools

433-Rule: Guidelines for Assigning Elementary Students to Schools

434 Release Time for Students

436 Student Dismissal Precautions

440 Student Rights and Responsibilities

441.1 Student Representatives to the School Board

441.2 Student Government

443 Information regarding 443-Policy/Rule, Student Conduct

443 Student Conduct

443-Rule: Code of Classroom Conduct

443.2 Student Conduct on School Buses

443.2-Rule: Bus Rider Rules

443.21 Student Conduct Off School Grounds

443.3 Tobacco or Nicotine Use/Possession by Students

443.3-Rule: Enforcement Procedures for Student Tobacco or Nicotine Policy Violations

443.4 Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use

443.4-Rule: Enforcement Procedures for Student Alcohol and Other Drug use Policy Violations

443.9 Care of School Property

446 Search of Students and/or Their Belongings

446.1 Locker Searches

446.2 Use of Canine Units

447 Student Discipline

447.11 Use of Seclusion and Physical Restraint

447.3 Suspension and Expulsion

447.3-Rule: Suspension and Expulsion Procedures

447.31 Student In-School Suspension

447.31-Rule: Guidelines for Student In-School Suspension

448 Adult Students

451 Student Insurance Program

452 Student Aid Programs

453.1 Emergency Nursing Services

453.1-Rule: Emergency Nursing Services Procedures

453.11 Use and Maintenance of Automatic External Defibrillators

453.11-Rule Automatic External Defibrillator Procedures

453.2 Student Immunizations

453.3 Communicable Diseases

453.31 Nuisance Disease Control

453.31-Rule(1): Procedure for the Control and Treatment of Head Lice/Nits in School

453.31-Rule(2): Procedure for the Control and Treatment of Scabies

453.31-Rule(3): Procedure for the Control and Treatment of Fleas in School

453.4 Administering Medication to Students

453.4-Rule Medication Administration Procedures

453.5 Student Physical Examinations

454 Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting

454-Rule: Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting Procedures

455.1 Supervision of Students

456 Student Assistance Programming

456-Rule: Guidelines for Student Assistance Programming

457 Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention

457-Rule: Suicide Intervention Procedures

458 District Wellness Policy

458-Rule District Wellness Rule

460 Student Scholarships

461 Wisconsin Higher Education Academic Excellence Scholarship

462 Wisconsin Technical Excellence Higher Education Scholarship

470 Student Fees and Fines

470-Rule Specific Student Fees and Fines

491 Students of Divorced/Separated Parents Not Sharing the Same Household

491-Rule: Guidelines for Dissemination of Information to Divorced/Separated Parents

447.3 Suspension and Expulsion

447.3 Reglamento Suspension and Expulsion Procedures