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133 Filling Board Vacancies

Public officials may resign or be removed from office as provided by state law. When resignation or removal from office does occur, the remaining members of the Board will appoint a replacement within 60 days in accordance with Board Policy 133-Rule. Such appointees will hold office until a successor is elected and takes office, as provided in state law.
When a vacancy occurs, qualified electors may contact the Board to express interest in the position. Board members may also contact qualified electors to determine their interest in the vacancy.
The appointee will be seated at the next Board meeting, pending acceptance of the appointment and pending the taking and filing of the oath of office.

Upon taking and filing the oath, an individual who has been appointed to fill a vacancy will file a campaign registration statement if required to do so by law.

LEGAL REF.: Sections 17.03   Wisconsin Statutes
120.42(2) & (3)
CROSS REF.: 131.1, Board Member Qualifications
132, Board Member Resignations
133-Rule, Filling Board Vacancies Procedures
Adopted by School Board                                                                        February 25, 1985
Revisions Adopted by School Board                                                         
February 13, 1989

February 24, 1997
December 21, 2015
May 23, 2016


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