The following four phases shall serve as the framework for the curriculum review process in the Whitewater School District. The content team in consultation with the District Curriculum Planning Committee will carry out the activities within this process. The intent is that the team will move from phase to phase. Following phase four, the cycle would begin anew.  
Self Assessment Year 1
Conduct a needs assessment:
·         Examine alignment of curriculum
·         Analyze student performance data
·         Research best practices
·         Participate in professional development activities
·         Review 21st century skills in context of content area
·         Identify philosophy and goals
·         Set content area student achievement goals
Goals Year 2
Define the formal curriculum:
·         Identify Essential outcomes
·         Develop assessments and proficiency levels
·         Analyze state, national, common core, and College Readiness standards
·         Develop scope and sequence
·         Identify grade-level/course learning goals
·         Complete new course proposal (if necessary)
·         Select academic vocabulary
·         Review and choose instructional materials
·         Invite textbook representatives to present top instructional materials choices
·         Choose instructional materials for adoption
·         Prepare preliminary budget estimate
·         Design multiple common formative assessments and rubrics in alignment with identified learning goals
·         Backward design of units (include instructional technology, differentiation, 21st century skills, bilingual education strategies, scaffolding, interventions)
·         Monitor instructional time available to teach and assess curriculum (curriculum mapping)
·         Update standards-based report cards with revised grade-level learning goals
Implementation Year 3
·         Purchase materials
·         Plan out future financial implications
·         Input revised curriculum into Eclipse curriculum maps
·         Present to Board of Education
·         Provide necessary professional development for new materials
·         Continue to monitor instructional time available to teach and assess learning goals
Monitor and Evaluate Year 4
  • Track student progress on identified learning goals and intervene as necessary with class-wide interventions
  • Evaluate and make adjustments as needed
  • Utilize curriculum maps to design interdisciplinary instruction and units
  • Continue to collaborate on integrating instructional technology and 21st century skills into units of study
  • Monitor progress on identified content area student achievement goals
  • Problem-solve and make necessary changes to keep curriculum operational and achieve goals