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Family Connections is a WUSD program that helps assist families in need through providing family support such as parenting information and classes, mentors (Fast Friends) with UW-Whitewater students, crisis assistance (gas or food card, clothing, holiday giving program, school needs), and summer activities.  Research shows that it costs $1 for prevention and $17 for treating a problem.  When a child has his or her basic needs met, s/he will be more successful in overcoming obstacles and be resilient.  The program is supported financially through United Way, Kiwanis’s,  and other civic groups and individuals.



1.    Provide family support; promote positive family relationships, and parenting information.

2.    Create a bridge of communication between school and home.

3.    Encourage and develop constructive use of leisure activities at home and within the community.

4.    Assist and motivate students to do well in school, both academically and socially.

5.    Promote positive values and character education (honesty, respect, responsibility, courage).

6.    Under gird students with positive sense of self and hope for one’s future.

7.    Provide healthy role models through mentor program.

8.    Link parents with other resources and parents through social, educational, and recreational activities to build a natural support system.