School Counseling Services 

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Whitewater Unified School District offers a Comprehensive School Counseling program for every student in grades K-12. The school counselor provides the opportunity for all students to attain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote student achievement and personal success in the areas of academic, career, and personal/social development.
In order for a Comprehensive School Counseling program to be effective, each school counselor designs and delivers the program to meet the needs of each student. The program strives to give each student the opportunity to enhance their growth and development by acquiring essential life skills that will help allow them to lead a successful and productive life! 

The program makes relevant connections to the districts 21st Century initiative.  The connection includes, but is not limited to; pursue rigorous and relevant coursework in preparation for postsecondary education, health and wellness, learning and thinking skills, critical thinking and problem solving, communication skills, creativity and innovation skills, collaboration skills, and many more.

What type of services do School Counselors provide?
There are many services that your child can be reached by.  At the elementary and middle school level, school counselors provide individual counseling, small-groups, and classroom guidance into their curriculum's.  Similarly at the secondary level, school counselors provide individual counseling, small-groups, and extensive post-secondary informational services.

To view more details about the services that are provided, please visit each school counselor's individual web-page to learn more.

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