Is the school efficient, effective, and productive?

Teacher level of educational experience

We are proud of our teaching staff. We have teachers who are new this year and teachers who have been here 35 years. The average years experience of our teaching staff is 15. Sixty-three percent of our teachers have advanced degrees and all our staff members regularly participate in professional development.

Teacher attendance

We consistently have excellent attendance.   

Participation in staff development and evidence of impact on teaching

The last few years have seen numerous initiatives in the district. Teachers have received training in 6-Traits Writing and best practices in literacy instruction, science, and math.  Teachers have been integrally involved in developing districtwide assessments in all these areas. We use the results of that data to change teaching practices in the classroom. 
In addition, teachers each year develop an Individual Professional Growth Plan that is tied to our building goals. Teachers are accountable for providing evidence of student and teacher growth as part of that plan. 

Teacher turnover rates

Although we have hired new teachers each year, it is to replace teachers who are retiring or relocating due to a spouse's job. Rarely do teachers leave to go to another district. 

How technology contributed to use of data for decision-making

We are a data-driven school. We use it to set building-wide goals, professional goals, and goals for individual students. We have numerous tools that help us do so, from MAP (Measure of Academic Progress), to Individual Professional Growth Plans, to the state-wide testing, WKCE.