Is the school efficient, effective, and productive?

Teacher level of educational experience

WMS is staffed by 34 outstanding certified educational professionals who strive to actively engage students and promote student acheivement. Two-thirds of WMS staff (22) have earned graduate degrees in a wide range of educational areas to support their instruction and increase the learning opportunities for WMS staff.

Teacher attendance

WMS teachers are dedicated professionals, which is reflected in an excellent attendance rate. When teachers are out of the classroom, it is often to participate in one of the district's curriculum committees, to support district instructional initiatives, or for professional development.

Participation in staff development and evidence of impact on teaching

WMS teachers have been and continue to be active participants in the district's instructional initiatives, including 6-Traits Writing, integration of technology, and assessements. In addition, a number of teachers participate in the review and alignment of content areas.

Teacher turnover rates

WMS is fortunate to have generally low teacher turnover rates. New hiring at WMS has generally been focused on finding candidates for retirement vacancy. New teachers are assigned mentors to provide guidance and support as new teachers become acclimated to their environment and the district. WMS has enjoyed the benefits of an experienced and stable teaching staff.

How technology contributed to use of data for decision-making

WMS is committed to improving student achievement. This is evident in our commitment in utilizing assessments and data to improve our curriculum and strive to individualize instruction. WMS utilizes MAP, WKCE, SRI, and classroom assessments to improve practices and student acheivement. 

Survey results (climate survey)

In 2007, WMS implemented an Advisory period focused on building a more engaged and connected school community. Teachers work with a small group of students to improve school climate, support academic achievement, and provide skills for healthy and appropriate decision making.
In 2008, 7th and 8th grade students were surveyed regarding school environment:
** 90% of students felt teachers and staff members set good examples for positive behavior.
** 83% of students felt they had a positive relationship with at least one adult at school.
** 93% of students were not afraid to walk the halls alone.
** 85% of students felt they got along with most students at WMS.
** 82% of students felt at least one adult at school cared about them.
Although very promising results, WMS recognizes there is still much work to be done in accomplishing our mission of creating a school environment where every student is connected, supported, and successful.