Extra-Co-Curricular Activities

Part of our middle school philosophy is to provide your student with as many opportunities and exposures to educational enrichment and activities as possible. As such, WMS offers a variety of programs to promote student relationships, connectedness, and a positive school climate. In addition, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities and enrichment opportunities. These are school-sanctioned groups or events, not offered for credit or grades, designed to broaden, develop, and enhance school experiences in the areas of academics, athletics, and music. Please see the attached list, which describes a few of the many interesting opportunities your student will have at the middle school.

School Performance Report 

The School Report Card is like an annual health check-up. The purpose is to provide a picture of overall the "health" of the district. Included in this report is data about academics, attendance, and other indicators of performance. The district uses the information in this report to identify areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. To learn more about how WMS is doing, please visit https://apps2.dpi.wi.gov/reportcards/

Academic Assistance

  • Science Olympiad
  • Psychology
  • Service learning
  • Health and wellness
  • Cultural explorations of music and the arts
  • Drama and public speaking
  • Photoediting
Criminology and scientific investigation

Enrollment information is broken down by gender, ethnicity, disability and English proficiency.


 Attendance is face-to-face instructional contact between a student and a teacher. It is collected for the entire school year. The attendance rate is actual days of attendance divided by possible days of attendance, expressed as a percentage. The smallest reportable unit of attendance is one-half day. (2006-07 data is most current data available on DPI webpage.)



Truancy Rates

A habitual truant student is defined as one who is absent from school without an acceptable excuse for part or all of five or more days on which school is held during a semester. Habitual truants are reported for all grades except Pre-Kindergarten. The habitual truant rate is the number of habitual truants divided by grade enrollment counted on the third Friday in September.


Suspension and Expulsion data

Out of school suspensions are absences from school imposed by the school district for disciplinary reasons. Suspended students are counted only once (number of pupils suspended), and the suspension student rate is the number of pupils suspended divided by the third Friday enrollment. Suspension days is the total of days lost to suspension. (2006-07 data is most current data available on DPI webpage.)


Expulsions are sanctions imposed on pupils by formal school board action which, for purposed of discipline, prohibit pupils from attending school. Expelled students are counted only once (as number of students expelled) and the expulsion rate is the number of students expelled divided by the third Friday enrollment. Whitewater Middle School reported no expelled students for the 2006-07 school year. (2006-07 data is most current data available on DPI webpage.)

 Student Learning