At Whitewater Unified School District, students and staff are highly technologically literate. WUSD offers electives in Business and Information Technology and Computer Science. Students also have the opportunity to gain certification in software and networking fields. Numerous online distance learning choices are also available. Students also are given the opportunity to earn the Advanced Placement International Diploma, which provides additional certification of outstanding academic excellence.


"Being associated with UW-Whitewater is a wonderful asset most schools don't have."

                                           -WUSD Parent



WUSD offers many opportunities for upper grade students to take college and technical school courses while in high school. Opportunities for students to complete high school courses in foreign language and mathematics begin while still in middle school.


 Abundant AP choices are available across multiple disciplines from English and world languages to mathematics and the sciences to history, human geography and the arts.



Technology is pervasive and robust at WUSD. We offer digital-age vocational technology, engineering, agricultural programs.

 "The school works very closely with families to meet the needs of all the students."


                                                            - WUSD Parent