There are many exceptional opportunities at the Whitewater Unified School District. These opportunities range from a multitude of choices in the Arts, in Athletics and in Academics within the schools but also outside of school as well.

"My involvement in extra-curricular activities has given me a great sense of confidence."

                                           -WUSD Student

Not only is WUSD less than 90 minutes from Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago, but the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater offers cultural and enrichment activities for students and families.


"Activities have allowed me to become a better person by teaching me teamwork and determination. I've learned to take the role of leader."

                                           -WUSD Student

WUSD offers more sports than any other school in our athletic conference, with 17 state champion teams and 115 Conference Champions in the past 40 years.



"Extra-curricular activities have helped me grow; (if I work hard and push myself), I can become the best that I can be and do great things."

                                           -WUSD Student



WUSD has award-winning band, music and drama programs.


Parent involvement is paramount to the success of our schools. There are many ways parents can be involved, including Building Leadership Teams, Budget Advisory Committees, as well as Parent/Teacher organizations at each of the schools.