Whitewater New Teacher Meetings

(in the Board Room at Central Office, 3:45 – 5:15 p.m.)




September:    Classroom Basics Revisited

  • Designing coherent instructions
  • Managing Classroom procedures
  • Engaging students in learning
  • Reflecting on teaching

October:     Parents as Partners & Parent Conferences

  • Maintaining accurate records
  • Communicating with families

November:    Classsroom Management

  • Creating an environment of respect and rapport
  • Managing student behavior
  • Communicating clearly and accurately

December:   Focus on Instruction

  • Demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy
  • Organizing physical space
  • Using questioning and discussion techniques
  • Engaging students in learning
  • Reflecting on teaching

January:     Focus on Instruction and Mid Year Review

February:  Meeting Student Needs

  • Demonstrating knowledge of students
  • Establishing a culture of learning
  • Demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness
  • Using resources

March:  Refining Assessment

  • Selecting instructional goals
  • Assessing student learing
  • Providing feedback to students

April:  The Teacher as a Professional

  • Contributing to the school and district
  • Growing and developing professionally
  • Showing professionalism

May:  Evaluation, celebration, goal setting for next year