Content Area Teams

It is the role of the Curricular Content area teams to provide leadership in program development, implementation, evaluation, and coordination. Throughout the life of the long-range plan, each lead team will work in close cooperation with the District Curriculum Planning Committee, administration, and Board. The responsibilities of the content teams are to carry out the steps as specified by the self-study procedures under the guidance of the District Curriculum Planning Committee.

Designated Tasks: (Suggested outline for how to proceed).
1. Meet with the Director of Instruction to become oriented to the curriculum review process
2. Receive training throughout the process, as appropriate, from the Curriculum Planning Committee and/or Director of Instruction, and/or through workshops and participation in reviews of different school districts
3. Follow the cycle of curriculum review as outlined in the phases provided

Who is on the Content Area Team?

Members: Content team members will be selected by the District Curriculum Planning Committee, in collaboration with the building principals, from a pool of volunteers. Members will serve for the length of the evaluation cycle, if possible.

The Content Area Lead Team will consist of 10 members, representing the following areas:

1. Elementary School (K-1) (1 representative)
2. Elementary School (2-3) (1 representative)
3. Elementary School (4-5) (1 representative)
4. Middle School (2 representative)
5. High School (2 representatives)
6. Specialist/Pupil Services (pre-K-5) (1 representative)
7. Specialist/Pupil Services (6-12) (1 representative)
8. Administration
9. Director of Instruction