Whitewater Unified School District

  419 South Elizabeth St.

  Whitewater, WI  53190

  Phone: 262-472-8700

  Fax: 262-472-8710



District Administrator
Mark Elworthy

Phone: 262-472-8708

Email: melworthy@wwusd.org

Director of Business & Auxiliary Services

Matthew Sylvester-Knudtson

Phone: 262-472-8705

Email: msk@wwusd.org

Director of Pupil Services

Lanora Heim

Phone: 262-472-8712

Email: lheim@wwusd.org

Director of Instruction

Kelly Seichter
Phone: 262-472-8713

Email: kseichter@wwusd.org

Technology Coordinator
Andy Rowland

Phone: 262-472-8716

Email: andy@wwusd.org

System Administrator

Justin Sdano

Phone: 262-472-8704

Email: jfsdano@wwusd.org

School Nurse
Erin Spear

Phone: 262-472-8711

Email: espear@wwusd.org


Amanda Morkved

Phone: 262-472-8706

Email: amorkved@wwusd.org

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Jean Shaffer

Phone: 262-472-8701

Email: jshaffer@wwusd.org

Purchasing/District Registrar

Cynthia Collins

Phone: 262-472-8700

Email:  ccollins@wwusd.org

School Board/District Administrator Assistant

Jodie Ten Pass

Phone: 262-472-8702

Email: jtenpass@wwusd.org

Pupil Services Administrative Assistant

Bree Harris


Email: bharris@wwusd.org


Data Information/Management Administrative Assistant

Angel Van Daele

Phone: 262-472-8715

Email: avandaele@wwusd.org

Melissa Juoni

Phone: 262-472-8721

Email: mjuoni@wwusd.org

Donna Cornwell
Phone: 262-472-8721
Email: dcornwell@wwusd.org