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RISE Mini Grants awarded to staff
Congratulations to all of the RISE Mini Grants awarded to staff. Great ideas that will make a huge impact on student learning. RISE Mini Grants are distributed on an annual basis.

RISE Mini Grants

STEM Bins - Michelle Kuhlow   $510
- This Washington Elementary kindergarten will use six STEM bins as part of an exploratory rotation for Science/tech/engineering/math projects.

Davis Weather Station ? Shannon Frye  $650
- This weather station will be housed in Lincs Learning Growing School Garden.  Providing real-time weather data for the whole school.  

Virtual Reality googles: 6 full kits, 10 starter kits, Rebecca Ebling - $590
- The high school French teacher requested 16 starter kits for VR.  She was awarded six full kits and ten starter kits.  These will be used for VR tours of French museums and tours of towns in France.  

Tiggly Word and Tiggly Math, School IPAD apps ? DeAnna Brunner - $300
- These apps combined with the accompanying manipulatives will provide skill building practice for students in reading and math.  

Magna-tiles and light table ? Sara Brautigam - $578
- Lakeview students will benefit from the Magna-tiles and two light tables to build and create with lights and shadow.  With these tow tools student will create art in a whole new tech based way.  

Large magnetic boards and accessories ? Jerre Sveum - $575
- Versatile tools for any classroom to utilize in the Lakeview STEAM center.  

Green screen and tools equipment ? Lisa Meinke - $760
- IPAD, green chromakey screen, tripod, apps bundle, microphone.  All these tools will help implement a green screen recording center for Lakeview?s new STEAM center.  

Virtual Reality Goggles, Phones, Chargers (10) ? Justin Stewart
- Mr. Stewart will spearhead the VR initiative at Lincoln elementary, creating virtual reality experiences (field trips, experiments, travel) for students.  

Lego Wall ? Heather Borgen - $560
- The plywood, vinyl gutters and legos that will make up this lego wall will help students with beginning engineering problem solving, art recreation, letter and word formation, sensory stimulation and much more.  

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