Summer School
The Summer Feeding Program is sponsored by the USDA and in essence a Federally subsidized program.
To date the Whitewater Program is  averaging 309 participants, which includes approx 8 adults.  Any children 1-18 years of age can participate.  Adults pay $4.00
By dialing 2-1-1 individuals can locate all sites offering free meals in the State of Wisconsin
The Summer Food Service Program is entering it's 3rd year in our district. Food service is a business that relies heavily on data and history.  Being a new program, there have been several challenges presented with the Summer Food Service Program.  However, I feel my staff and I have met if not exceeded the challenges we have been faced with.
Summer Food Service Program requires that we offer a nutritionally balanced meal, however forgoes some of the more regimented rules that apply during the regular school year.  In regards to the Summer Program, all meals and components of the meal must be consumed in the MPR.  Carry Outs, second meals and any packaged items are to be eaten in the designated area, which for the Summer Program is the MPR at the HS.  Serving times are to observed as stated on the Contract submitted to DPI.  Whitewater's program serving hours are 11:30AM-12:30 PM.
WWUSD Food Service Department is proud to be making history with the implementation of this Federally sponsored program in an effort to feed kids whom otherwise may not have a balance meal over the summer months.

Contact: Lisa Griep