Welcome to the 2017 Summer School Playhouse!
Please carefully read the following course description. 
There is a lot of important information, times and dates associated with this course.  
First and foremost you must register for summer school and fill out an online audition form.
Audition forms are accessed through the WHS Drama Web page. 

***Simply filling out an audition form does not register you for summer school.***

​Bugsy Malone Jr.
Performances given on 
 July 13-14 at 7pm and July 15, at 2 pm
Based on the hit 1976 film, starring a pre-teen Scott Baio and Jodi Foster, and featuring a catchy, swinging score by the composer of The Muppet MovieBugsy Malone JR. is good, clean, comedic fun!
Two gangs in a fictitious city populated only by children are in a rivalry of Capone-ian standards. Dandy Dan's gang has gotten the upper hand since acquiring the "splurge" gun (a weapon that shoots whip cream). Bugsy Malone, a one-time boxer, is thrust into the limelight when he becomes the last chance Fat Sam's gang has of surviving. All Bugsy really wants to do is spend time with his new love, Blousey... but that just isn't in the cards for our hero.

*** Special Notes ***
With the special demands of producing a big production of this scale, this course will begin prior to the official start of summer school with:
  • AUDITIONS on Monday May 1st  from 4-6pm and Wed., May 3rd , from 3:30-5pm at the WHS Auditorium.  
  • mandatory Saturday rehearsals (9-noon) on June 10th and June 24th    
  • Official rehearsals are Monday–Friday, from 9-noon, starting June 26 and continuing through the performances on July 13th and 14thth at 7pm & July 15th at 2pm.  Strike immediately follows the final performance. 
All students wishing to appear on stage must:
  1. Register for Summer school and submit an online audition form.  (available at WHS Drama    Webpage.)
  2. Commit to ALL rehearsals and memorization outside rehearsals.
  3. Prepare for and attend auditions.  Note: Audition materials are available from any music teacher.  Please memorize the song and monologue for the audition.  Everyone must fill out an online audition form and attend auditions.   All those auditioning will receive a part.   
  4. Attend the 2 Saturday rehearsals to be held on  June 10th and 24th,  from 9-Noon.
  5. Commit to considerable memorization outside of rehearsals.
We understand that with family vacations, etc., students often think nothing of missing a class or two during summer school; however, it is impossible for us to stage a big production without a full commitment to our rehearsal schedule from every member of the cast.  With that in mind, please be aware that missing more than a class/rehearsal or two for any reason will likely mean the re-assignment of your part and may jeopardize your ability to appear on stage. 
 BACKSTAGE CREW:   Those who are unable to commit to all rehearsals or do not have a desire to appear on stage are encouraged to join us on the backstage crew. You are not required to register for the class but must attend all rehearsals and performances during the week of July 10.  Spaces are limited so contact Mr. McCulloch if interested in helping behind the scenes ASAP. 
Please call 920-723-7445 or e-mail jmcculloch@wwusd.org  or eelliott@wwusd.org  for questions or clarification
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Contact: Jim McCulloch