Meet the Pupil Service Staff
Dr. Lanora Heim Director of Pupil Services 262-472-8712
 School Counselors  
Shirley Cutshall Lincoln Elementary
School Counselor
Family Connections Coordinator
Kaitlyn Teal Lakeview Elementary
School Counselor
Emily Calcaterra Washington Elementary
School Counselor
Katie McIntyre Middle School Counselor 262-472-8306
Teri Hamilton High School Counselor
Students A-L
Pam Sonmor-Wintz High School Counselor
Students M-Z
 School Nursing Services  
Diana Hoffman District School Nurse 262-472-8711
Annette Wynn School Nurse
Rebecca Skindingsrude
Health Aide

Ashley Meyer Health Aide
School Psychologist
Mary Beal Lincoln Elementary, Middle School & High School Psychologist 262-472-8535 (LN)
262-472-8117 (HS)
262-472-8372 (MS)
Dennis Gunnink Lakeview, Washington Elementary &
Middle School Psychologist 
262-472-8441 (LV)
262-472-8645 (WA)
262-472-8372 (MS)

School Social Worker
Mary Geraghty District Social Worker 262-472-8115